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Rules for the site

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Rules for the site Empty Rules for the site

Post by Divine Deity on Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:53 am

1. No pornographic images are to be posted on this site.

2. Do not use vulgar language! I would give a list but you already know them.

3. Do not harass other members.

4. Do not post in other members role-play thread! If they have a story going with only two characters, you are not invited. You are invited to read them!

5. Do not make more than one thread in a specific forum topic.  Only one per user. Duplicates or repeated posts outside your one will be deleted and you will be warned. Accidents happen but repeated offenses will cause you to get warned. Repeated warnings and you will be banned.

6. No advertising your personal sites or other websites in the forum. We have an affiliation thread for you to advertise other Role-Play sites.  If you have a youtube channel or similar you are allowed to post it in your signature, introduction thread, profile and the general discussion category only.

7. This site is intended for people to join and be a part of our community. Role play must take place on the site. You are welcome to role-play on your own elsewhere but you must be active on the site.
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