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Role-Play Conduct Empty Role-Play Conduct

Post by Divine Deity on Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:45 am

1. No god modding! You wouldn't like it if someone else took control of your character so it's only fair not to do that to others.

2. Respect your partner! If they are not comfortable with something, then stop. Repeated offenders will be warned and banned eventually.

3. Do NOT plagiarize from other works. You can use ideas that you have saw, read or witnessed but do not copy other works verbatim. That's stealing!

4. Absolutely NO cyber sex! That is against the law and anyone caught cybering will be banned automatically! This is a serious issue and it will not be tolerated. The definition for cybersex is: sexual arousal using computer technology, especially by wearing virtual reality equipment or by exchanging messages with another person via the Internet.
With that said. Romance is allowed but tastefully done and in the privacy of your own private messenger on the site. We allow romance on the open thread but no pornographic content or sexual encounters.

5. Each member has their own style and way of role-playing. You can role-play in the first, second and third person style. You can narrate style role-plays. If you find a member that doesn't role-play in the style you wish to role-play, either ask them to change, change yourself or move on. Don't put them down or make fun of them. Be respectful!

6. Not everyone is a published author or a major writing guru. Some members will have problems in their grammar and spelling. Today, spell check is available. Recommendation is that you use a writing program like Word to proof your posts before posting but isn't required. If you encounter a member with poor grammar and spelling; move on. Don't criticize them or make them feel low. Remember we are all here to have fun.  We do encourage that you try to use good grammar and spelling so your partner can understand you.

7. As part of the respect aspect, please don't ditch out on your partner and leave them hanging. Just a friendly warning, it's going to happen. If it does, do not harass them. Let it go! Find someone else to role-play with.  Also but understanding. We all can't be glued to the computer or phone at all times. We have real life situations and a REAL LIFE! Sometimes we have emergencies that we have to take care of. Just be understanding. If you decided you don't want to participate in the role-play anymore, then do the right thing and let your partner know so they are not waiting for a reply.  That can be heart breaking!

8. No drama. No drama... and did I mention no drama? If you have an issue with another member or a staff member, keep it civil. Discuss it with them in private. Don't slander them, bad mouth, or shred them in public.

9. If your partner gives you a lengthy response with detail, try to match it. They take a lot of time out of their personal time to give you a good reply and you should do the same! If they are TOO lengthy for your likes then discuss it with them and compromise. Not everyone is compatible, remember that. Also, don't use every word you can find in the Webster dictionary either! Keep it simple but 'tasty.' There is nothing wrong in using complex words but don't throw a few pages in the dictionary in each post. That can be mentally fatiguing.

10. The character you create is YOURS. The character your partner creates is THEIRS. Respect each others characters. If your partner isn't role-playing their character the way you would like, sorry! That's the idea.  Diversity is welcomed here. If we all role-played the same then it would be boring.

11. When posting, make sure you give enough to your partner for them to give a reply to. If you leave your post on a hanging note where a reply isn't possible, that kills the fun! Always leave your posts open for possibilities.
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