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Post by Divine Deity on Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:19 am

1. Spamming is NOT tolerated.

2. Do not post the same topic more than once.  The second will be deleted and you will be warned. Let's not clutter up the site.

3. Racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use private messages to settle any disputes. If you are are a victim to any of this, contact and administrator with screenshots. We will deal with that member.

4. Please, be patient. It is useless to bump your topic several times a day. Members are allowed to bump their thread once a day. You may modify, add, delete or simply BUMP your thread once a day but that is all.  If you wish to bump your thread, comment BUMP in a reply. That is all you need to do!

5. You must respect the authority of moderators and administrators. They are not employed here but they do have say so in policing the forum.  If they warn you about something, listen! That's their job. If a moderator is warning you and you feel it's not warranted then you may screen shot the conversation and send it to an administrator in a private message. Don't take your quarrels into the public. Whether you are right or wrong, you will be warned and the post deleted.

6. If you don't find your topic, it may have been moved to a more appropriate place. If you are not sure how to find it, click on your username. There you can do a quick search of all the posts or topics you recently made. We will inform you if we move your topic so you don't have to search for it but we are human and we may forget.

7. If you see a member breaking the rules, please inform an administrator immediately. Your report will remain anonymous and the member in question will be spoken with.

8. Repeated offenses from members with adequate proof will be banned. Please, don't get yourself banned by doing something silly.  

9. Avatars used by members must not be pornographic, vulgar or discriminatory in nature. Just think if your avatar might offend someone before you post it.
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